Last night, Plies posted an Instagram video that properly described his mood. The clip shows a little girl, whose top row of teeth are covered by a gold grill, repeatedly saying, "I'm motherfuckin' tired." Along with the post, Plies included the hashtags: "BihFeelLikeMeBih," "BihIsDiggingInDatNose, and "SameShitIBeTellingABih." That little girl also happens to be Young Thug's daughter. Thugger has since seen Plies' Instagram post, and he's taken to his own Instagram to threaten the South Florida rapper, promising that there will be serious "problems" if he doesn't remove the video by the end of the day. 

Young Thug posted a heated response video to Plies that he has since deleted, but thanks to DJ Akademiks, can still be seen below. In the video, Thugger calls upon his followers to tell Plies that "if he don't take this motherfuckin' video of my daughter off his motherfuckin' page callin' out her name, there's gonna be problems." He continues, "And if that video ain't down today, on everything I know, there's problems, bruh -- whatever you want to be with, pussy ass fuck n*gga." 

Though Thugger has since removed his own video, the video of his daughter still remains on Plies' page. Knowing Plies, he hasn't taken kindly to Thug's threats, though it's easy to understand Thug's anger. 

Do you think he'll take down the post by the end of the day? If not, what's Thugger's next move?