In his latest video rant, Plies took aim at a new target: the makers of Oreo.

"Oreo, I'm so mothafuckin' disappointed in y'all this morning I don't know what to mothafuckin' do," he said.

He then picked up a package of red velvet-flavored Oreos. "Y'all knew from the motherfucking start that these mothafuckin' cookies ain't taste like no mothafuckin' red velvet cake!"

Then, he started to get really angry. "They mothafuckin' red. But they goddamn ain't got no mothafuckin' velvet in it," he said. "The shit on the bottom say 'cream cheese,' ain't no mothafuckin' cream cheese in here! The same mothafuckin' icing that's in the black and white ones!"

He added that the cookies taste like medicine, and that he half a mind to sue the makers of Oreo for deceiving him.

Watch his Oreo tirade below.