Last week, Cardi B and Meg Thee Stallion came out with their brand new collaborative song called "WAP" and it's already become a cultural phenomenon. Pretty well everyone has heard this song by now, even if the raunchy lyrics have proven to be just a tiny bit much for some of the more prudish people out there. Over the last few days, many have taken these lyrics and have tried to remix them, as they release brand new takes on the song. These "WAP" remixes have certainly had differing levels of success although there is no denying that they've all been fairly entertaining.

Perhaps the best "WAP" remix so far, comes from the likes of Plies. Everyone knows Plies is perfectly suited for this kind of song, and he certainly didn't disappoint with the snippet below, which was played from his car. In fact, the snippet was so good that Cardi B had to repost it on her own page to show support.

Fans immediately flocked to social media with their takes on the remix, with the overwhelming majority of people giving a positive review. Plies even began trending on Twitter as a result, with numerous fans begging for the full track to be released sooner rather than later.

Hopefully, Plies can pull through and give everyone what they so desperately want.