Major news erupted over the weekend when it was reported that two L.A. County Sheriff's deputies were ambushed and shot in Compton, according to CNN. In the wake of recent protests across the country, this news has made major headlines with Joe Biden and Trump both speaking against the shooting.

Plies also weighed in on the matter on Twitter where he pointed out the hypocrisy between those who are outraged by a cop getting shot but are completely quiet when it's a Black person who's the victim of police killings.

"If U Care About Police Officers Getting Shot But Can’t Find It In Your Heart. To Sympathize With Unarmed Black Men Getting Killed By Law Enforcement. U Just A One Sided Individual!!!!" He tweeted.

On Friday, Plies went after the fans at the Kansas City Chiefs game, calling them the reason why America is in the current state its in.

"To The Kansas City Chiefs Fans (Or Whatever Fans It Was) Who Booed The Players Last Night 4 Locking Arms & Standing Up 4 “Equality”. Y’all Are What’s Wrong With This Country!!!!!!" He wrote. 

During the NFL opener last week, Kansas City Chiefs and The Houston Texans locked arms during a moment of silence to stand in solidarity against racism. This wasn't even during the National Anthem so, you know, those individuals showed their true colors without realizing it. And Plies certainly wasn't the only person who felt this way. Kansas City Councilman referred to the fans booing as an "embarrassment." 

“Some NFL fans booing the players for standing and locking arms in a moment of silent unity proves that for them ‘standing for the flag’ was always about perpetuating white supremacy,” Councilman Eric Bunch tweeted in regards to the incident. 

Check out the tweets below.