Pleasure P, the musician and singer whose real name is Marcus Ramone Cooper, actually tried to pull the do-you-know-who-I-am card with police while being detained in a Miami fast-food eatery altercation earlier this month. Unfortunately for him, the officers either didn’t know, or care, who he was. 

Body cam footage from the arrest, available on the TMZ site, shows the R&B star in a very confrontational mood with police officers at a Checkers drive-thru in Miami Gardens, Fla. He can be heard exclaiming “I’m Pleasure P” before the cop responds, “I don’t care who you are.” Seriously, when has the ol’ “do you know who I am?” line ever worked? 

Still, ever persistent, he made yet another attempt to escape arrest, by explaining to the officer that much was at stake for him because he is a part of the Millenium tour with a host of other 90’s artists. Pleasure P was a member of the group Pretty Ricky, which started in Miami in the 1990s and released top-selling albums well into the 2000s.

But Pleasure P’s most entertaining performance of late can be seen on that video as he gets increasingly irate and cops try to calm him down. While an employee of the fast-food joint is being interviewed by the cops, she gets into an extreme shouting match with Pleasure P, who, according to the police report, had shoved her in the chest and thrown his food at her through the drive through window. 

Pleasure P was arrested and detained in a Miami-Dade jail, though later released. The agitated singer has since insisted he was a wrongful arrested and that his main concern now is to get back to “making new baby making music that you can quarantine and chill with your loved one while at home."