At this point, those who have made the trek with Sony thus far are all but counting the days before the PlayStation 5 hits stores. Though it remains unclear when exactly that might be, all signs point to a late 2020 release. And while some are likely to hold off on copping day one, others have come to appreciate Sony's beloved machines, and will fork out the dough accordingly. Myself among them, depending on the launch titles. Either way, the Playstation 5 seems all but destined to shatter console records, and now, we have an idea pointing toward a potential cost. 

According to a gaming leaker by the name of Komachi (whom Onsmash cites as having a reliable track record), claims that the PS5 will feature double the power as the Xbox One X; pretty impressive, given that today's crop of consoles is that damn impressive. Apparently, many insiders have come to deduce that the PlayStation 5 will launch with a price-tag of between $500 and $600 US dollars, which would make it one of the most expensive console ever created. 

Still, if God Of War 2, Last Of Us 2, or if we're really lucky, Bloodborne 2 are in play, you better believe the customers will come-a-knockin'. Have you started saving up for a new console yet?