As the majority of people stay in their homes in the midst of the Coronavirus madness, one thing that we can all be certain about is that we're about to be running up these streaming services. Though the music industry has been hit heavily with the effects of the Rona, it also seems like a good time for artists to release new music seeing as more people are just chillin' at home. That being said, it would be fantastic if Playboi Carti released Whole Lotta Red.

"Carti listen you have disappointed us many times with this album release and we still worship you," a fan wrote Playboi Carti in the comment section of the rapper's return-to-IG post. "We are in fucking quarantine rn. Plz bless us," the fan pleaded.

Though there's no clear sign if Whole Lotta Red will see the light day anytime soon but the good sign is that Carti is back on Instagram. Not only that, but he replied to the fan with a Lil B-esque response. 

"i never left. hey. stay wit meh. I o you da world n i kno it. I love u n everyone. N my universe <3," he replied back. It's unclear what that means exactly but hey, on the brightside, atleast Playboi Carti still loves us.

Check out Playboi Carti's response below.