The "Magnolia" artist delivers a calm freestyle moving in out creatively with his verse. “What makes me stand out as an artist is… the vibes, I’m cool,” he told XXL. “The music is there and it’s great… I’m for the youth, for the culture.” Playboi is definitely a good fit for the next-generation vibes as he's been a leader among the new wave of hip-hop as it happens. 

"The cover is a way to be more iconic, putting me into a different category. Really moving away from that SoundCloud shit. I don’t really want to move away from it, but in order for me to be successful, I got to. It’s not even about being mainstream. As an artist, you always want to never forget where you come from. A lot of my fans come from the SoundCloud platform. I just want to make both crowds happy.”

Take a look at the freestyle and his profile interview below, does Carti impress?