After releasing two new tracks featuring his boy Lil Uzi Vert, Playboi Carti took to Twitter to unveil a new promo clip. It's unclear when his debut project will drop, but the Atlanta spitter took the opportunity to share a snippet of new music in the clip.

The surreal visuals feature Cash Carti riding in and on his Bimmer, smoking a blunt and drinking from a white cup. The images sometimes flow like a ripples in a puddle of water while his new fire track blasts in the speakers. The music slows down to a crawl while billowing storm clouds and scenes of Carti in reverse mess with your eyes.

Many expect his debut mixtape to drop later this month. A while back, Carti told XXL, "I just want niggas to look at it and say, 'If this young nigga from Atlanta can do this, so can I.' I want everybody to get money. My new mixtape is going to show niggas this is the way."

Lately, the 20 year-old rapper's been spotted in the studio, working with Metro Boomin. Check out the clip below.