Givenchy, Givenchy! Givenchy, Givenchy!

The brand new creative director for Givenchy, Matthew M. Williams, has debuted his first ad campaign for the famed fashion house, calling on none other than Playboi Carti to deliver an infectious song that will have you pressing replay on the 15-second clip.

The new father has been quiet as of late. Earlier this year, he was feuding with Lil Uzi Vert (before thankfully making up) and teasing his brand new album Whole Lotta Red every other day. The hype was insanely high for the project but when Carti never dropped, the anticipation died. 

Then, he became a father to Iggy Azalea's son, which is likely the reason why he's been so silent recently.

Today, he re-emerges with a brand new tune, mispronouncing Givenchy for Williams' new video before correcting himself and repeating the process.

According to Complex, the campaign is based on a series of photographs taken by Nick Knight, which can be seen coming out of a printer as Carti does his thing.

Williams is also the founder of 1017 ALYX 9SM and when he signed on with Givenchy this summer, he told fans that one of his dreams had come true.

"I've worked every day for 15 years toward this single goal and it's super, super surreal," said Williams. "At the same time, it's bittersweet because we're living in an unprecedented time in the world and I just hope in some way I can bring hope, and with my community and colleagues create positive changes for our industry and for the world. I'd like to use this platform to do so."