Cash Carti is one of the hottest new rappers int he A despite his lack of mixtapes. This is all about to change though. The rapper's been hard at work promoting his debut project.

Playboi Carti released a new promo clip featuring some unreleased jam. In the video that he posted on Twitter, the "I Woke Up Like This" emcee rides around town with his friends. They smoke and drink plenty, end up in what looks like a mansion and flirt with pretty women. He spits, "In New York I Milly Rock/Hiding in my sock/Selling every rock."

The video is as surreal and cryptic as the previous promo clip with billowing storm clouds, scrambling scenes fading into one another and rewinding with no clear purpose or reason. In the post he writes, "It's only one carti ! fuck the other side ! #Carti #pierebourne#woke #cartiseason."

Check the new clip below.