Playboi Carti is a divisive character, everyone will agree to that. Die Lit is as polarizing hip-hop as they come. Carti seems to be fully aware of his buffer space at all times. Meaning: if you're on your 2nd Juul pod of the day, and prone to dizziness, his music sounds no different than a philharmonic orchestra. Why begin this news bulletin on the incline, you might ask. The answer is simple: Carti has every intention of releasing his follow-up to Die Lit in the next 60 days, and the non-believers could use this disclaimer to see themselves out, without a fuss.

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Playboi Carti made the announcement during a show last night at The Eagle's Ballroom in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. "I'm trying to drop that shit in the next 60 days," he said during a short interlude onstage. "I ain't gon' lie. It feels like we worked too hard for this moment. So, I'ma do this shit with no features." If you'll recall, Die Lit was also released after a series of bluffs on social media.

Just recently, Playboi Carti updated his followers on the progress he and Trippie Redd had made on their joint EP by simply muttering the words "sooner or later." Dust off your Kegels, there's a Carti album in the mailroom. Are you intrigued?