PLayboi Carti's banner 2017 seemed to hit a bit of a snag this morning when news came out that producer MilanMakesBeats accused the rapper of stealing beats, never paying for the production work and performing those songs in concert to this day without giving those behind the instrumental any credit. Now, Carti is telling his side of the story.

In an exclusive interview with DJ Akademiks, Carti denies ever stealing beats or owing MilanMakesBeats any money. In fact, he says he only raps on Pi'erre Bourne beats. He added that the old producers are just "sick" and that be doesn't do "janky business." In Carti's mind, the producers are just mad that he stopped rapping on their beats in favor of Bourne's and are now out to stick him for some money. Later on, the rapper said that he "couldn't even defend himself because these n****s ain't worth it." 

There's lots to unpack here, including who is really to be believed here. For one, Carti's recent work has been done by Bourne without question, but even as an early-gestating idea for a song or beat, there's no telling if that came from another source. As well, if that were to be the case, was the production team compensated? At least we have a de facto sets of truths from Carti himself now. Let us know what you think below.