Early this month, Atlanta rapper Playboi Carti sat down with Hot97's Peter Rosenberg and Laura Stylez in a interview where he touched on his relationship with A$AP Rocky, his influences, and his tendency to stay off of social media.

The most definitive part of the conversation came when Carti uncovered his reverence and respect for older artists, attempting to slash the "mumble rap" label that often overshadows his music.

"I respect the old heads a lot," Carti says at one point. "My dad was a big Tupac fan. My mom's from Brooklyn. She likes Jay-Z, Nas. It's like a slap to the face if I say I don't know those people."

Further into the conversation, he continues to cite his appreciation for artists commonly placed into a more traditional space as rappers, naming Curren$y as an influence. 

"Curren$y used to be my favorite rapper," he says at one point.

Rosenberg goes on to state that "Curren$y had a nice, little influence on the 'mumble rap' generation."

"Facts!" is Carti's answer.

A few days after the clip dropped, the New Orleans emcee had a gracious response to Carti's revelation. 

Be sure to check out the full interview below.