Playboi Carti recently came off of the release of his latest project Whole Lotta Red which received a lot of mixed reactions from his fans. Regardless of the response, Carti has stayed true to himself as he continues to rep the metal and punk scenes. Unfortunately, Carti's personal life has seen some turmoil at times, and recently, he had to deal with a fairly hairy situation while being filmed.

In the clip below, posted by DJ Akademiks, Carti can be seen walking in what appears to be an underground garage. The man filming immediately walks up to Carti and starts talking aggressively. Carti keeps one hand behind his back during the exchange, all while the man continues to say that he can beat Carti up. This leads to even more arguing before the man tells Carti never to put his hands on his sister ever again. Carti denies ever doing such a thing, which leads to more shouting. At one point, the man filming even threatens Carti's life before claiming that he isn't scared of the rapper or any weapon that he may have on him.

After a while, the footage stops rolling and at this point, no one knows what actually happened afterward. Carti appeared to be quite calm during the whole ordeal and even questioned why the man was filming in the first place. The filmer was way more hostile and seemed to have been tracking down Carti for a long time.

The entire exchange was quite bizarre, and we hope Carti is doing alright, all things considered. As for the man filming, the full context of his intentions are still unknown, at this time.

Playboi Carti

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images