Atlanta rapper Playboi Carti has been teasing the arrival of his new album Whole Lotta Red for months and, finally, it may be arriving soon.

The superstar is rumored to be rolling out the upcoming body of work, possibly beginning with a single release for "PAIN 1993" with Drake this week. While that much remains unconfirmed, Carti is much more active than usual on social media, which could be a good sign.

The Die Lit rapper is hinting at something coming imminently, sharing some cover artwork this week and returning to Twitter with some very cryptic messages.

Playboi Carti Twitter
Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

"I Kan NOt Beef Ah bit Ya," wrote the 23-year-old in Cartinese, the language he and his fans have adopted. Your guess is as good as mine as to what the hell this means.

"i Kant wait," he then added. Could he be talking about music??? Whole Lotta Red OTW??????

"4vr . Lit," said Playboi Carti to end the short-lived rant on Twitter. 

This is all subject to interpretation as Carti doesn't have a great history of being clear and coherent in his messages. His care-free attitude has brought forth cult classics, like the aforementioned Die Lit. With the amount of hype around Whole Lotta Red, you can expect his biggest-ever sales debut whenever he does decide to drop.