It all started when Toronto artist Tory Lanez reached out to Carti's producer and friend Pierre Bourne. Lanez wanted to use to "Magnolia" beat for a remix, but Pierre was having none of it.

However, Tory Lanez was undeterred. Lanez went ahead and ignored Pierre's wishes, throwing together a remake and dropping the "Magnolia (Swave Session)" track this morning. To make matters worse, Lanez opens the song with a sarcastic "why yes, fuck you too." Them's fightin' words.

Carti and Pierre responded with some posts of their own. DJ Akademiks shared a video of the rapper/producer duo in studio, with Pierre flipping not one, but two birds. Carti then takes over the camera, stating "we don't do that remix shit, don't remix my shit." Pierre also pinned a tweet reading "#LameNiggaz', alongside Tory Lanez' "remix" post. 

Ultimately, this incident seems like a bad look for Tory Lanez, who directly contradicted Pierre's request. The producer laced six tracks on Carti's eponymous debut, which has been garnering a fair share of critical acclaim.