After his debut album, Live.Long.A$AP, ASAP Rocky went quiet for awhile-- music-wise, that is. In the interim between L.L.A. and A.L.L.A., Rocky rose atop the fashion world and romanced some very high-profile celebrities. He didn't forget the music, though, and A.L.L.A. is certainly his most ambitious project yet. 

Rocky recorded the entirety of A.L.L.A. in London, locked away from the hip-hop world, as well as other life impediments, whether they be drugs or women. Funnily enough, A.L.L.A. finds him returning to New York, finally ready to take the crown in a city that hasn't had a leader for most of the past decade. Upon the death of A$AP Yams, his best friend and closest creative partner, his desire to return home and build an lasting legacy with the A$AP brand turned into a spiritual calling. It took him awhile to get there, though, traversing the globe and meeting many strange, as well as familiar, faces along the way. 

Here are the faces and places Rocky encountered on his latest trip.