P.K. Subban and Lindsey Vonn won't be sensitized by any romantic arrangement, much less their own. Their vacation to Europe put them in countless situations where they squared off in competition, the latest of which a "Who Wore it Best?" poll where both romantic partners wear matching USA striped one-piece bathing suits in celebration of Independence Day in America.


The couple confirmed they were dating a month ago when they attended the Country Music Awards together, of all events. Incidentally Subban plays for the Nashville Predators in the NHL, the preeminent city for Country Music. Since departing for Sardinia, Vonn and Subban have partaken in many activities including a jet ski session on the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean sea. Vonn seems to have had an edge given her background in alpine skiing, especially when you consider life as a series of hoops and intervals.

While taking a pause from the action, Subban updated his Twitter feed with a poll asking his fans who between him and Vonn wore the swimsuit better: "Me or Lv?" With a full day of voting before polls close, I sure hope Lindsey Vonn can claw back at her 4 percent deficit, for all the wrong reasons. I gather fans of Winter Sports are an inscrutable bunch, because Lindsey had to explain the anatomy of their joke to clueless Tweeters. 



If this relationship is any way inspirational to you or your sweetheart, live updates have been made admissible by both Vonn and Subban on their Twitter and Instagram accounts. Their over-posting may not signal the purest form of desire but who am I to judge? Either way I'm left with the tyranny of P.K. in a one-piece bathing suit, and I have nobody to blame but myself for the lack of sunlight at my work station.