PJ Tucker might not be one of the most high profile players in the league but he has been able to build quite a name for himself thanks to his status as the NBA sneaker king. Tucker has been seen wearing a plethora of rare sneakers out on the court and fans are always interested to see what he will come with next. For a while now, Tucker has been pondering what he will do next in the sneaker world and today, he finally announced his decision through Uninterrupted.

Tucker penned an emotional poem about his love of sneakers and explained why he will be signing with footwear giant, Nike. The Houston Rockets player's shoes have mostly been Nike's but now, he will exclusively have to wear what they give him.

What's interesting about this deal is that Tucker no longer has autonomy in what he wears. Tucker was able to stand out from other players because he was always wearing something different. With this new deal, he is bound to what Nike gives him which will most likely be standard basketball shoes as opposed to hype rare grails.

It remains to be seen what this deal means for Tucker going forward but we can be sure he's secured the bag here. You can't help but be happy for him.