Last week, Pittsburgh rapper Jimmy Wopo was murdered in Pittsburgh's Middle Hill neighborhood, leaving the hip-hop community to mourn his passing. Unfortunately, not everyone had positive thoughts for the late rapper. Brian Martin, a Pittsburgh police officer, is currently being punished with desk-duties after allegedly celebrating Wopo's death in a Facebook post. The Pittsburgh Post Gazette originally broke the story on Monday, after Martin's comments began circulating over the weekend. Though he has refused to comment on the proceedings, it should be noted that he has since deleted the post. 

The report claims that one user seemed disappointed in Pittsburgh's seeming nonchalance toward Wopo's death. "Everyone forgot about the wopo murder that quick?" he wrote, adding "no one protesting for him?" Apparently, this prompted the officer to retort with "“Not me. I’m still celebrating.” Insensitive, to be sure, made all the worse by his status as an ostensible "protector." 

It wasn't long before Martin was relieved of his duties, and the city has since issued a statement on the controversy. "We will hold this officer accountable for his actions,” says spokesman Chris Togneri. “Comments that disparage victims and endanger the community and fellow officers will not be tolerated by the city of Pittsburgh.”

Rest in peace Jimmy Wopo.