The Los Angeles Lakers didn't give Tyronn Lue a good enough offer, Kurt Rambis has emerged as a "powerful voice" in basketball operations, and Jeanie Buss has reportedly been "implored" to consider trading LeBron James. The team hasn't reached the post-season for a franchise-record six straight seasons, and the organization allegedly wants Jason Kidd to be included on any coaching staff.

All of this, not to mention the abrupt resignation of Magic Johnson, has apparently pushed disgruntled Lakers fans over the edge. According to AM 570 LA Sports, fans are staging a protest outside of Staples Center on Friday afternoon.

Reddit user C-P-R claims the protest will be held at noon on Friday.

Those attending the rally are being encouraged to use any of the following chants:

  • "Sell the team!"
  • "Fire Rambis!" 
  • "Fire Linda!" (executive director of special projects Linda Rambis)
  • "Kevin McHale"
  • "No Jason Kidd!"
  • "Shadow owner!"
Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Tyronn Lue, who was long considered the "frontrunner" to land the Lakers head coaching gig, was reportedly "insulted" by the team's three-year, $18 million offer and therefore removed himself from discussion. Additionally, ESPN reports that the Lakers are pushing for their own preferred candidates to be assistant coaches, which includes Jason Kidd, and Lue wasn't down with that either. Furthermore, FS1's Nick Wright reports that Kurt and Linda Rambis were the only parties opposed to the Lue signing, and if they weren't involved he'd be the head coach right now.

Instead of having LeBron's guy as head coach, the Lakers can now look forward to a protest outside of Staples Center as they re-open their search for a new coach. The team has reportedly lined up an interview with former Pacers coach Frank Vogel - but that doesn't seem to be slowing the angry mob.