Late last week, Young Thug and Chance the Rapper came out with a new track called "Big B's." Today, the wife of a fallen emcee is taking umbrage with some of the song's lyrical content. 

Pimp C's wife, Chinara Butlet, took to Instagram to tell Young Thug to stay in his lane, after she took issue with the following lyrics in "Big B's:" "Pimp C, I ain’t doing that, I’ma f**k her on the sheets, yeah/And all my n-ggas loyal like Bun B, hold on." She has a problem with Pimp C, born Chad Butler, not being around to defend that barb in person.

"My thing is if Chad was alive you wouldn’t mention his name the way you did, so don’t do it now. Watch your mouth. He’s not here to have that conversation with you, but I am [...] keep that s**t to your motherf**king self," she said. Strong words for one of the game's hottest rappers.

Check out the full video below.