If you're reading this, you're probably familiar with Pi'erre Bourne's producer tag, "yo Pi'erre you wanna come out here?" Sometimes, however, people forget that there's more to a producer than a tag, and such is most definitely the case for the Atlanta based producer. Pitchfork recently did an extensive feature on Bourne, in which they dove into his past, present, and future; while there are plenty of gems to be found, the most interesting bit of insight comes out when he's talking about his future plans.

While "Magnolia" remains his most iconic hit to date, Pi'erre has his sights set on some ambitious endeavors, some of which lie outside the realm of hip-hop. When asked about his future plans, Pi'erre states "I’m looking forward to putting out my project, signing a couple artists and putting out their projects, and working with some top-tier artists—whether it’s rap, pop, EDM, it’s no limits." Not only is the producer slash rapper looking to expand his brand, he's also trying to break into the world of video-game sound:

"I really want to do music for games. You know how Grand Theft Auto had the radio stations and shit? That. And I just want to do the sound for shit. It don’t even have to be the music. It could just be sound effects. I be having crazy ideas in my head. I be hearing shit that might not go good on a beat for a rapper but might be great for something else—like the sound when somebody opens a door. I’m just trying to let everybody know, I don’t wanna just make trap beats. I want more."

For more from Pi'erre, including his plans to leave the game with a cartoon, a sitcom, and a restaurant, be sure to check out Pitchfork's feature in full.