At this point, you should be fully aware of Pi'erre Bourne's potential to take over the game. The producer/rapper has made his mark with his production skills and his own music is beginning to pick up on a bigger platform. He's produced for some of the biggest names in the rap industry and it's not looking like he'll be slowing down any time soon. He played a major role in the success of Playboi Carti's debut project and has also worked with A$AP Mob, 21 Savage, Nav and more. While those few artists are dominant forces in the rap world, it looks like he'll be bringing his production to another level in the near future.

Billboard recently caught up with Pi'erre Bourne to chop it up about the many things he's been up to recently. As he prepares to drop theLife of Pi'erre 4 in 2018, he's also spending time working with some other major artists on new music. He revealed to Billboard that he has a track on his upcoming project that he wants to get Drake on.

"One song I have that I'm trying to get Drake to get on. He said he wants to get on it. I'm really trying to get him on it. That would be crazy, I won't be mad if he don't, it's just a blessing to be doing all of this," he said.

Along with that, he also said that aside from his own album, he's putting his focus towards working on Drake's upcoming album.

"After this, I got a couple other songs I'll be putting out. I'm going to finish working on my project. Getting Carti's album going, working on Drake's album, me and 21 Savage got stuff blowing up," he said.

Pi'erre just got off of tour opening for Drake in Australia as part of the "Boy Meets World" tour. He told Billboard that it was an eye opening experience and helped him realize what the future holds for him.

"The Boy Meets World Tour was awesome. Being able to be on stage and all of the venues sold out, I never thought I could do something like that," he said, "Drake's a really good guy, he showed me a lot being out there. Really just got me excited for the future, it was dope."

It's looking like Pi'erre's definitely about to have a serious glow up in 2018. With the amount of work he's been putting in through 2017, he's bound to be a household name by this time next year.