If you want to own a piece of iconic jewelry you now have the chance. According to Page Six, items from Prince's jewelry collection are on sale in New Orleans including two Versace diamond bracelets. Both of the bracelets are 7" in circumference with a floral design. There's also a piece on sale that is 14-karat white-gold, amethyst and a 2.88 carat diamond necklace that he wore on stage. Sounds incredible. Ms Rau Antiques where the items are being sold estimates that Prince's items could rake in a total of $150,000.

Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Prince fans are devoted and dedicated to the singer, whose 1999 album was re-released over Thanksgiving with never-before-heard tracks. Now, a very lucky, and wealthy, fan or just admirer of fine jewelry will have a piece of the Purple Rain icon's collection as soon as the sale takes place. If you don't know Prince for his music, you should have a vague idea of his fashion-forward style. These pieces being sold are bound to be absolutely stunning and unique making for a very happy new owner once purchased.

Prince had a stage presence that was larger than life and his jewels sound like they are just the same. Whoever purchases these pieces is buying a piece of history at the same time.