Pi’erre Bourne Shows His Polyglot Potential In "Marie Curie" Music Video

Devin Ch
August 17, 2018 16:17

"Yo Pi'erre."

The signature snarl means you're getting one of two Pi'erre Bournes: the entity that raps or the producer extraordinaire, pick your poison. The third option of Pi'erre waltzing in as "the help" imported from France unfortunately does not exist at this stage in the game. "Marie Curie" can be a little whiny during the chorus, but overall the song is quite pleasing. The video on the other the hand is a bit of a rushed experiment.

For his "Marie Curie" visual presentation, Bourne transforms into video game cartilage, somehow retaining his DNA structure in the process. The first stage of the game demands that he remain true to his heart, if he does he passes onto the next. Level 2 skips ahead on rocket propelled object of some sort, then the game glitches and he's back at square one. 

"Marie Curie" first saw daylight on Beats 1 programming a few weeks ago. The track is produced, arranged and performed by Pi'erre Bourne, nobody else. The retro gamer video was shot and conceptualized by SH Films. Where do you stand on both, either or one of the above?

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