In one of the more unexpected lawsuits these past few weeks, producer and Young Money/Cash Money affiliate Detailsued Drake over an alleged assault by his bodyguard, dating back to 2014.

News of the lawsuit surfaced last week, along with details tracing the suit's history. For those who missed the initial report, it basically says that Drake offered Detail an exclusive contract to be his executive producer in 2014, but Detail declined the offer, not wanting to work with solely one artist. The next time Detail was invited over to work on music at Drake's L.A. mansion (or so he thought) he was assaulted by Drake's bodyguard, Chubbs, who is also a main member of the OVO crew. He reportedly attempted to have Drake cover his medical expenses following the ambush, to no avail. Thus, he's gone the legal route.

TMZ has unearthed some photos showing the aftermath of the alleged assault on Detail. Take a look at the photos above.

We'll keep you posted as this suit unravels.