Those whose Migos and Young Thug fandom dates back to 2015 will remember the Atlanta rappers teasing a collaborative project titled MigoThuggin. MigoThuggin seemed like a real possibility for a short period, as they even shared official cover art and a release date on social media. However, the mixtape never came and was added to the mythical list of collaborative projects that we'll likely never hear. While members of Migos and Young Thug have worked together in varying combinations, very few songs featuring all four artists have made it into our hands. 

Over the past four years, the careers of both Migos and Young Thug skyrocketed to the point that the memory of MigoThuggin had left the collective consciousness, or their fanbases grew to include many people that had no idea what a MigoThuggin even was. Their respective outputs also became so consistent and satisfying that fans probably felt greedy even inquiring about this other project. 

Today, fans were reminded about MigoThuggin and their hope was reignited. Offset posted a slideshow of pictures on Instagram of Migos and Thugger in the studio together. Whether it's Migos or Young Thug or MigoThuggin (but probably Migos), someone is in album mode because Offset's caption indicated that they were locked in for 18 hours with no sleep.

The first photo shows Young Thug hunched over the boards, which is reminiscent of the hilarious meme of Young Thug and Lil Durk. Turns out Thug was partaking in some illegal operation that required hacking into a mainframe. As he revealed to GQ recently, he often mixes and records his music.