This battle looks poised to continue into 2013.  Meek Mill finally responded to Cassidy's "Me Myself & iPhone" last night, as part of the ongoing Twitter beef and what many onlookers are hoping will culminate into an actual freestyle battle between the two Philly rappers.

In the lyrics for "Repo", Meek puts Cassidy on the spot, addressing his challenge to battle for money. "You talkin' 'bout a battle rap? How you gon' handle that? / Hundred grand pussy nigga? You ain't got the time for that / You ain't got the stacks for that / You know what we laughin' at," he spits, claiming Cass' car got repossessed. "Whatchu made this year, whatchu worth nigga? I dropped Dreams & Nightmares, I made church, nigga / I did 'I'ma Boss' young'n set the summer off / Now these old niggas mad at me 'cause they fallin' off."

Many still speculate if a battle will materialize, but for now, the ball is in Cassidy's court, and in the coming days, expectations of a Larseny rebuttal are high.

HNHH viewership and opinions have been well divided over the past week. Here again are both "Repo" and "Me Myself and iPhone" up for review.