Philadelphia has encountered a record-breaking drug bust since 449 kilograms of cocaine came into the city's port, found inside duffle bags that were stuffed into a shipping container, ABC News reports. The publication details how federal and local authorities got suspicious when they saw the bolts on the container were been tampered with. 

The 992 pounds of cocaine is equal to a street value of $18 million, the highest amount to be seized in the city. The container was traveling from Colombia to Europe.

ABC details how authorities are paying closer attention to tampered goods since cocaine is making quite the comeback since the rise of crop production in Colombia. The country is the largest producer of cocaine while America is the largest consumer. 

"The United States remains deeply concerned about the surge in coca cultivation and cocaine production in Colombia since 2013, and its impact on each of our two countries," US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo previously stated next to Colombian President Ivan Duque in the country. 

"We know we must do our part to reduce demand in our country and we'll work alongside you here as well."