Yesterday afternoon rumors were swirling that the New York Knicks were entertaining trade offers for their 7'3, 21-year old star player, Kristaps Porzingis. 

Porzingis, who skipped an exit meeting with the dysfunctional team, reportedly has not been in contact with the organization since the end of the season, adding even more fuel to the fire.

But Phil Jackson couldn't really be serious about trading away the one good thing he has done since taking the job in New York, right? Wrong.

In typical Knicks fashion, Phil Jackson confirmed the Porzingis trade rumors last night, citing the exit interview Kristaps missed, in an interview with MSG's Al Trautwig. 

Phil told Trautwig,

"We're getting calls. As much as we value Kristaps and what he's done for us, when a guy doesn't show up for an exit meeting, everybody starts speculating on the duration or movability from a club."

"The future, you know, what it brings," Jackson said. "Does it bring us two starters and a draft pick or something that's even beyond that? [That's] something we have to look at as far as going down the road. We know what he is. He's a unicorn, and he's special."

Leading into tonight's NBA Draft there's no telling what Phil Jackson might do. 

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