In a recent interview with GQ, Pharrell spoke on his role as a music consultant in the Oscars and more. Peep some excerpts below.

On Being A Music Consultant With Hans Zimmer For The Oscars:

We have to reinterpret some of the music for the nominees. We have to do other music as well that is at times new and original and at others borrowing from movie scenes.

I can't give but so much away. Because Hans and I have tried to keep it under wraps so that there's literally no expectation and people are excited about the stuff we're cooking. We're thinking beyond the usual standards.

On Producing Jay-Z's "Glory":

Uh, that was awesome. But again, that was another covert operation.

Was it recorded before or after the birth of Blue Ivy Carter?:

That was, uh... That was, um... Everything was by design. That's all I'll say.


Read the full interview here.