Pharrell has released some good music since his 2014 album GIRL. He's also succeeded with his clothing lines Billionaire Boys Club and Icecream, but it seems as though he's looking to cater to the females a little more and is using his previous album as a means to get things started. 

TMZ reports that the 44-year-old has made moves to officially trademark "Girl By Pharrell Williams" and "Pharrell Williams Girl" to be placed on clothing, lingerie, jewelry, athletic gear, luggage and cosmetics. He applied for the rights last November and it has just recently been approved which seems like perfect timing as it's International Women's Day tomorrow.

The publication also says that "GIRL" has been trademarked for recordings, online books, and other various media. Just recently Billionaire Boys Club announced an exclusive collaboration with A Tribe Called Quest where they previewed a hoodie with a simplistic design. With the successes of his past collaborations with adidas this news is an exciting one for ladies who want even more from the artist. 

Speaking of Pharrell, we recently posted that Ariana Grande's upcoming album has been crafted heavily by the "Happy" singer and being hailed as a "personal masterpiece."