Kanye West's political view has been confusing and divisive among his fan base. The rapper formed an alliance with Candace Owens and professed his love for his "brother" Donald Trump. Of course, this wasn't met with the best reception from the hip-hop community and others who attempted to "cancel" him, although that clearly didn't work out as well as planned. However, in a recent interview with Complex, Pharrell said that we need to stand-by and show Kanye love, regardless of his political views. 

Although Pharrell fundamentally disagrees with Kanye's support for Trump, he isn't going to allow that from being compassionate. In a recent interview with Complex, the famed producer said that everyone who's loved Kanye in the past must show him the same kind of love now, because he needs it.

"We have to love our brother, regardless. We might not agree with him, but we can't stand by and watch anything happen to him, because he's our brother. And we've gotta pay attention to the symbolism of what's happening, you know? That's our brother," he said. "Never have we ever, in history, have we ever witnessed a staple in the community be utilized in that way. In that kind of way, with that kind of real impression. So I look at the symbolism of that and I say, man, that's our brother. We don't want to abandon him because we fundamentally disagree. We care about his well-being."

Pharrell made it clear that he doesn't side with Kanye West on this topic, but continued to elaborate as to why we need to hold it down for 'Ye right now.

"I'm not siding with him at all. I said that's our brother and we can't give up on him," he said. "I'm not siding with him in any of that. What I'm looking at is his DNA. He's our brother, he's human. You know what I'm saying? That's what it really boils down to. At the end of the day man, like, you gotta understand that even when there is division, we're still one."

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