The streaming war awaits us. While "Tidal exclusives" have managed to infuriate music fans more than entice them, Apple Music pulling into the race means a whole new set of premieres from A-level artists to compete. 

As we already know, Pharrell is involved with the new move, signing on as one of a few celebrity Beats music radio DJs. However, he'll also be releasing music through the service, previewing a new record called "Freedom" today, which will be available through the platform on its launch date of June 30th.

In other Pharrell news, he recently revealed to Ryan Seacrest that he'll be working with Adele on her new album/

“She’s kinda like, ‘OK guys, I’m gonna open my diary for 20 minutes,'” he said of the experience. “So it’s like, OK, you have 20 minutes, or 32 minutes really. Then she gives it to you and closes it up and disappears, and she’s off with her beautiful boy—and that’s what it’s all about.”

Will Adele's album end up being an Apple premiere as well? We'll have to wait and see. Check out a clip from the video for freedom below.