Pharrell's solo career is going rather well, but he hasn't forget about his N.E.R.D. days yet, as he aired an unreleased N.E.R.D. track called "Locked Away" during tonight's episode of his "OTHERtone" Beats 1 Radio show.

“Locked Away" features a funky bass line and swinging drums on the verse before bursting into breezy guitar and synths on the hook. It's pretty surprising it took this long for the track to see the light of day.

Noted Pharrell fan Tyler, the Creator was the program's special guest. He was his usual boisterous self as he talked about meeting André 3000, Denzel Washington, and Hans Zimmer at Coachella, and more.

Head here to stream the two-hour show, head here to stream “Locked Away," and watch a clip of the Tyler interview below.