Pharrell makes money not just off his music but off several initiatives including BBC and more recently, Qream Liquor.  The latter seems to be causing him problems though, as he has filed a $5 million lawsuit against Diageo North America, which was the brand that was supposed to market and distribute his liquor.

AHH reports that the lawsuit was filed last week in Manhattan federal court, and claims that Diageo failed to produce and distribute his Qream alcohol, which was a high-end drink targeted towards women.

Apparently in July of 2012 Diageo announced without warning to Pharrell that they would be closing down the Qream brand, which they had spent over two years building.

The suit states, "PW turned away other concrete opportunities to collaborate with other alcoholic beverage distributors on a partnership, in favor of proceeding with Diageo."

Pharrell says that his sales for Q liquor were "substantially lower" because the drink was marketed as a "club drink" and not the "high-end, leisure class" drink that Pharrell had wanted.

The lawsuit also claims that Diageo manufactured faulty bottles for Qream, which impacted both bartenders and consumers willingness to use the drink.

Pharrell is seeking $5 million in damages.