Some factions of Ariana Grande's fan army have engaged in some flagrant disrespect over the past month. Ariana shared a picture of herself and Pharrell hugging it out during a studio session at the end of November. From here, her following has been speculating about his involvement in her upcoming album. A lot of comments took shots at Pharrell as if he was not one of the most prolific producers of popular music of this generation.

Although Ari's last album performed well, debuting at no. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, many fans have expressed their dislike with Pharrell's contribution to Sweetener. The initial reactions to the potential collaboration were violent with disapproval.

After a month of dragging Pharrell's name, some fans of both artists finally spoke up. They seemed surprised by the bashing, considering Pharrell success. Some even claimed that the duo created some of Ariana's best work. Either way, artists are bound to evolve or simply fade out in redundancy. Criticism of their future collaboration could wait until after they actually release material. Fans should also keep in mind that there are many hands on deck when it comes to producing an album under a major label. If they wanna keep bashing Pharrell, a few other names should be added to their target.