Pharrell is stepping outside of his fashion and music world to venture into the children's streaming world with Netflix. The "Lemon" singer is the executive producer of Brainchild a spin-off from National Geographic show Brain Games. The show aims to teach children about technology, current events and science that's entertaining for the youth. 

“I got involved with Brainchild because there is a desperate need to raise awareness about the importance of science with our youth,” Pharrell told Variety. “We must edu-tain.” 

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Pharrell joining the program was something that happened by chance when he visited the WME offices in Los Angeles. “Pharrell had gone to the TV department at WME and mentioned that he wanted to do a show that could leverage his new platform with kids,” Atomic Entertainment founder Jerry Kolber told the publication. “By chance, he also mentioned that he loved watching Brain Games at home with his wife and kid, and that’s how it all started.” 

Pharrell further explained just how important it is for these shows to be aired "in front of minority communities.”

“That’s because at the core of the plight of children of color in this country is a lack of access to actionable education … My son is now old enough to watch Brainchild, so we watch it together and he finds the show super entertaining," he explained.