Tyler, The Creator has definitely created a crazy persona for himself. Whether it's his raps, his style, or his tweets, Tyler knows how to get people riled up (including himself). It makes us wonder whether Tyler is that way 24/7, or whether he calms down when he's not in the public eye. His personality is very much on the opposite spectrum of r'n'b crooner Frank Ocean, who gives off a much more mellow vibe. MTV News caught up with Pharrell, who collaborated with the OF frontman on "IFHY" off WOLF, as well as other Odd Future members, and asked the producer/rapper about Tyler, Frank and Earl Sweatshirt. Pharrell gave his take on all three different personalities.

Pharrell reveals that Tyler isn't as "turnt up" as fans may be led to believe, however, he is very much the same person in and out of the public eye.

"[Tyler's] not as totally turnt up as when you guys see him but he is the same person," Pharrell told MTV. "It's not fake, and his mom...that's been probably an adventure being his mom [raising him]. And probably a wonderful experience because he's funny...but I can only imagine the stuff he was doing in junior high school. He's hilarious."

Of Frank Ocean's introverted personality and working on Channel Orange, Pharrell shares, "I think, more than anything else, it was a matter of making sure people didn't misunderstand him because he is a complex individual. He's not your average everyday person. He's an introvert, so he's in his head a lot." 

Finally, Pharrell commented on the young rapper Earl Sweatshirt, who is an Odd Future fan-favorite. Pharrell did not hesitate in his response, explaining that while Earl may come across as introverted, he's not shy. "Earl is sick," Pharrel said. "I worked on a song on Earl's album, Chad and I actually, and Earl is very different. He's had a very different childhood too. He had gone away for a second. It's a deep story and I think it's affected him... in a wonderful way, because I think he's coming back in a great way. He too seems to be much more of an introvert, but he's not shy or timid."

Pharrell also shared a few details about Earl's new material, which will live on his album Doris. 

"I don't know if he addresses [going away]," Pharrell said of Earl's new content. "He doesn't on the songs [so far]— we did two songs and one of them is going on [the album], I think it's called 'Burgundy,' then there's another one called 'Feet' or 'Foot.' You know him... he picks the wildest names ever and he's dead ass too. He's dead serious."