Even if the Bee Gees were before your time, and it's entirely possible that they were, you're likely familiar with the iconic disco anthem "Stayin' Alive." For whatever reason, its infectious melody and surprisingly relatable message have withstood the test of time. Now, as part of Jimmy's annual (Red) Benefit Show, "Stayin' Alive" was reimagined as a lounge-inspired, jazzed up rendition. "Prepare to hear the music of the Bee Gees like you've never heard it before," teases Kimmel, before introducing the unlikely duo of Pharrell Williams and U2's legendary frontman Bono. 

Though "Stayin' Alive" originally premiered as part of the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, Bono and Skateboard P opted for a reserved approach. With beverage in hand, the pair held it down for an intimate cover, alternating between lead and backup vocals; the entire display is impressive, though the chorus harmonies make for a standout moment. 

Chalk this up to another connection between U2 and hip-hop; from the "Hov hanging with Bono" lyric on Jay-Z's "Guns and Roses," to Kendrick's collaboration with the band on "XXX," it's clear that Bono is for the culture. Check out their cover below, courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel's Youtube Channel.