Ever since his retirement, football fans have been asking for Peyton Manning to become an analyst. Tony Romo has become an extremely talented color commentator and some feel like Manning could occupy the exact same pocket, no pun intended. According to a new report from Yahoo! Sports, Manning was approached to join ESPN's Monday Night Football team, although sources say he doesn't want to because Eli is on the schedule. 

There will be a Monday night New York Giants game this season and as sources say, Manning doesn't want to have to criticize his own brother, especially with the team struggling over the past few seasons.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

"If he ever decides [Monday Night Football] is something he wants to do, it’s going to be after Eli has finished his career and he gets a little bit further from his era of playing and maybe some of his teammates have moved on, too,” a source explained. “It would have been a tough position for him this season, with the Giants being on the schedule. There is a lot of loyalty there for him and I don’t think he’d ever want to be in a position where he’d be conflicted about his analysis. It just wouldn’t have been a comfortable situation this year.”

Perhaps Manning is better off skipping out on MNF this season as Eli has been in a steady decline over the last few seasons. There is a good chance Giants first-round pick Daniel Jones gets some playing time this year as well, which would certainly make any criticism of Eli more difficult.