HOT 97 radio personality Peter Rosenberg was infuriated upon learning that Drake used his "Summer Sixteen" show in Philly as a means of reigniting his beef with Meek Mill.

Drake switched up the lyrics in a few different songs in order to diss Meek, and he also made sure to include "Back to Back," he biggest diss track to come out of the beef, in his setlist. After "Back to Back," he addressed his Philly rival by saying, "It's not about your city. I love your city. You did this to your motherfuckin' self, boy." 

Rosenberg seems to be most upset about Drake seemingly disrespecting the hip-hop scenes of certain cities he's performed in during his current tour, namely by dissing Meek last night in Philly and also by taking shots at HOT 97 while on a four-show run at the Garden in NYC. It should be noted that Drake's disparaging remarks against HOT 97 were in response to Ebro starting a rumor that he was about to get hit with a diss track from Eminem and also to his beef with vocal Meek Mill supporter Funk Flex, who has devoted a handful of his weekend DJ mixes to ranting against the OVO rapper. 

Rosenberg began today's tirade by tweeting that he was "disappointed in @Drake." He continued by writing, "Someone has you really gassed bro... Dissing Hot in NYC, Meek in Philly... you're an actor bro.. you're as soft as me." The radio host went on to express his opinion that it was unnecessary for Drake to stir up the beef last night. Meek has "always been realer than you," he told Drake. "Your content is MEANINGLESS." 

"Drake wouldn't have been the toughest kid in my Hebrew school," clapped Rosenberg, before encouraging Drake to continue to make "hits for the club" instead of trying to be "hard." His rant ended with him attempting to explain the difference between Drake and Meek Mill and why the former isn't permitted to "be hard and stir things up." "Drake is a great entertainer," whereas "Meek Mill is a great RAPPER," explained Rosenberg. "It's not a part.. it's who he is."