Today, the news broke that Joe Budden was likely departing from his tenure on Complex's hit series Everyday Struggle, and the fans were not pleased. While nobody has outright confirmed Joe's departure, the retired rapper has been implying it rather heavily on his Twitter feed. And while Joe is crafty enough to maneuver all this speculations into an advantage for contract negotiations, as of now, the situation is looking rather grim. Apparently, Hoy 97's Peter Rosenberg is also feeling the pain, and expressed his disappointment on Twitter.

"Disappointed @JoeBudden is leaving everyday struggle...striking gold with a show is not a small thing...hopefully he finds it again," writes Rosenberg, "hopefully people continue to rock with @IamAkademiks and @neweryork ..Money is important but a real show chemistry? Super rare." Suffice it to say, Everyday Struggle won't be the same without Joe, who has already begun teasing his next endeavor. And while he's still got The Joe Budden podcast in the works, his absence from Everday Struggle will undoubtedly be felt. 

Did any of ya'll watch the show? It seemed like sometimes the fanbase was split between Akademik's legion of "chat" followers, and those who rocked with Budden. However, as the chemistry developed, it became evident that the pair played well off of one another; while either can succeed on their own, it feels like they were just getting started. What do ya'll think about these developments?