Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg decided to speak his mind about Nicki Minaj, and I'm pretty sure he just said what everyone else has been thinking. Read his little Nicki Minaj rant below.

"Nicki loves reminding us every chance she gets that she's a quote, "underground rapper from Queens," and for us hardcore hip-hop fans I think it warms our collective heart when we hear something like that, you know, 'cause don't get it twisted, she is real hip-hop, she 's from Queens, the birthplace of Run DMC and Nas. So sure, yeah, she rolls with Young Money now, and she's appeared on Ellen as many times as she's appeared on Hot 97, but still man, she's hip-hop. Then the Grammy's came, and Nicki hit that stage, and sure she didn't do hardcore hip-hop song, but she did do a weird excorcism thing, and she did wear a Priest on the red carpet kinda like Flava Flav wears a clock. Then the next day after the Grammys she decided to drop a new heat rock..."


After playing a clip of "Starships" for the radio listeners, Peter says, "What the eff is that? Is that Nicki Minaj or Katy Perry?" he continues, "I mean no disrepect to Nicki Minaj, but it was nice having you in hip-hop. I'm not saying Nicki's not a rapper or she can't rap, 'cause the opposite is true, by nature she is an incredbily talented rapper. But, I am a hip-hop head, and to be frank, this song here, "Starships," is literally one of the most sell-out songs in hip-hop history."