Peter Gunz ironically became the host of the long-running reality TV show Cheaters last year, which eventually became the subject of many jokes on social media. The premise of the television series attempts to catch people cheating on their significant other through different investigative strategies and stakeouts.

The Love & Hip Hop: New York star is no stranger to reality television and is likely well aware that anything can happen. Gunz was in for a surprise when the man he was supposed to aiding in catching his girlfriend cheating on him turned his rage towards the host, resulting in a physical brawl.  

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for WE tv

During this particular episode, the footage of Gunz, as dissected on SHOWTIME's series Desus & Mero, shows the host presenting a man footage of his wife committing infidelity allegedly cuddled up next to another man. The man grows increasingly angry, eventually attempting to slap the phone out of Gunz hands and shoving him. 

Gunz swings back and soon the two are wrestling together in the grass as security tries hard to separate the men from each other. Gunz tries to diffuse the situation afterward by saying, "If I offended you, I apologize. Let’s get this to him. I need you to channel this energy toward the man that’s with your lady right now. I know where she at right now. Let’s pull up.” 

The scorned man then turns his rage to his girl's side piece, hitting him with a foot to chest before security interferes again. “I think security is overwhelmed. I think security just might live in Peter Gunz’s building. He’s like, ‘Yo, just come with me to work," assessed Desus. 

Gunz was officially announced as the incoming host of the series in February of 2020 following the fatal drug overdose of the previous host Clark James Gable. Gunz also has an extensive history of infidelity and at least 10 children, making him an ironic choice as the new face of the show. 

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for WE tv