Pete Rock has been dabbling in some hip-hop beef as of late. The OG rapper spurred some light controversy with a younger rapper, when he called out Young Dolph for some recent lyrics glorying cocaine usage. This all went down on Instagram, and it's become a breeding ground once again for another controversy between Pete Rock and a young'n. This time it's with Lil Yachty.

Yachty hasn't been shy to reveal a lack of hip-hop knowledge and sometimes, a lack of interest, in the history of the genre. This has caught the ire of some devouted fans and artists, and among them, Pete Rock took to his Instagram to throw some shade at Yachty with a video of his Hot 97 freestyle (or lack there of) and a bunch of thumbs down emojis. This was about a week ago, but Yachty just took to twitter to address Rock's insinuations yesterday.

Yachty's first response has since been deleted, but it was a simple "fuck you." "Like Dolph said fuck a Pete Rock," Yachty tweeted before thinking better of it. "Woah woah I just did some thinking," he continued on twitter, "I ain't mad at @PeteRock ,that's his personal preference cause personally ion like his type of music ethier. So it's not fuck you. Bless u." Lil Boat added, "Cause at the end of the day what we doin over here not gone stop growing because a old head don't like it. The world will continue to spin."

Pete Rock took to address the controversy he's started on Instagram as well, with a lengthy post that demands respect while also continuing to shade mumble rappers.

He wrote, "huuuh boy lol! Why cant we all just respect some shit? I mighta been wrong the way i went about it but im a lil tired of people taking this culture for a joke." He went on, "Im obviously passionate about good music and good lyrics. Cant understand the mumble rap shit da hell is that? Lol cmon man i can make yall sound real good 😂 i can clearly see yall dont care about the culture so why you in it?"

Check out his full post below. Where do you stand in this old vs. new debate?