Isn't this a shocking twist? After getting engaged in an extremely quick fashion, it looks like there could be trouble in paradise or at least some regret on Pete Davidson's end. The couple has been inking themselves with constant reminders of each other, showing off their tattoos for all of us to revel at their questionable decisionmaking. Everybody knows to never get your girlfriend's name tattooed on you but Pete Davidson hasn't learned that, even after removing Cazzie David from his skin earlier this year.

TMZ reported that the comedian was spotted in Los Angeles yesterday without one of the tattoos he got of Ariana Grande. While it's entirely possible that he was covering it up with make-up for the film he's shooting with Machine Gun Kelly, some are speculating that he got it lasered off entirely. The tattoo was of one of Ariana's logos, showing a mask with bunny ears. Placed behind his ear, you can see that the jet black design is no longer there. Davidson has a few other markings dedicated to his fiancée but it hasn't been determined if those have also been covered up.

The couple just got engaged last month and it would be shocking if they've already broken up considering the love they seem to share so early in their relationship. Davidson recently wiped his Instagram page after some of Grande's fans were criticizing him over a joke about the Machester attacks.