Mental health is only now being pushed to the forefront of the nation's awareness. Of course, society has always labeled those who we consider "crazy." They get lumped into a pile, but the broader examination of one's own mental health has entered the discussion in 2018. Taking care of your diet, being critical about your entertainment interaction, and building healthy relationships are all monumental in attaining levels of wholesome mental health. Pete Davidson has been struggling with suicidal thoughts, and his fight against feelings of depression are raging on at this very moment. 

According to TMZsources close to Davidson claim that he's pushing people away while asking for help. Although Davidson has garnered the support of several of his family members, friends, co-workers, and even his ex Ariana Grande, he still feels as if no one cares whether he lives or dies. Such manic depression is not easily consoled, and sources claim that Davidson has lashed out at people trying to help him. The emotional roller coaster led Grande to attempt to comfort Davidson in person, but he shunned her help. It would be a shame to witness Davidson become eternally entangled in his battle with mental health, and hopefully, Christmas can help his spirits.